Friday, November 11, 2011

Blessed...SO BLESSED

I know I've probably said it before and if I haven't I really should have.

I am blessed by my Great Aunt Dorothy!!

She is an awesome lady!! She's the one who gives me all of her extra garden stuff, her extra plants early in gardening season, her extra garden harvest when she has canned or preserved all she can use, apples in the fall, I could go on and on, she always thinks of us. We are so blessed by her.

This weekend there is a Spaghetti Benefit Dinner for my cousin Pam, she has breast cancer and is undergoing treatments that are very expensive and as I understand it, they don't have insurance and the treatments are very expensive. Yesterday I took some #10 cans of tomato sauce to my Aunt Dorothy to use to make the sauce for the benefit dinner this weekend.

Aunt Dorothy called me on Wednesday to ask me if when I came out yesterday was I ready for more apples, she had some more "seconds or drops" that I could have if I wanted them.

!!"Of course I wanted them"!!

So I get there yesterday to drop off the tomato sauce and I filled up the back of my truck with 2 bushels of apples and she asked me if I wanted any pumpkins as well!! OH JACKPOT!! I am completely out of pumpkin puree and have been looking for cheap pumpkins and truth be told dh won't get paid till next week so I was hoping to take care of that next week, when we had a little money to work with, but she had 3 that she wanted rid of "3"! I am over the moon!!

I'll be busy working up all the apples into applesauce but hopefully with all these apples I won't run out of hm applesauce, my kids love it and we go through a lot!!!

And even though the pumpkins can wait a bit to be processed, I think I will try to go ahead and do those as well, and maybe work up some pumpkin pies- 1 for my Pap- his birthday was the 9th and he knows to expect a pie from me, its tradition :) and he'll enjoy it while reading over the Farmer's Almanac for 2012 that I gave him last weekend!!! 1 Pie for the hubs- he loves them!! And while I am working up a pie crusts for those 2 pies whats a couple more?? So I'll work up a couple pies for my Aunt Dorothy to sell at the benefit dinner as I hear they are having a bake sale table as well.

Busy-busy-busy- but its a good busy, I love it!!
Have a great day!!
God Bless!!

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  1. What a blessing. I hope that the bake sale and spaghetti dinner goes well. I will be praying for your cousin.

    Have a wonderful day.