Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cheap Eats!!

Today we left early to gather food donations to take to the local food bank. This was part of our cub scout community projects.

Normally we would go out to lunch as a reward for all that walking and lugging but being that dh won't get paid again till sometime next week, we decided it best to come home and not spend any unnessassary money.

So I dug through the fridge and freezer and put together some lunch for all of us.

Oldest ds wanted hm pizza leftover from last night.
For the rest of us I used some leftover sauce from when I made lasagne earlier this week and I remembered I had a small bowl of leftover spaghetti sauce in the freezer so I put the two of those together and cooked some noodles and ta-da Spaghetti!! It was really good and there isn't any left so I guess it went down just fine :)

Oh and my pumpkins I told you about yesterday??? I cooked them and then puree'd the flesh and ended up with the equivalent of 14 cans of pumpkin puree'. I froze 12 and will use 2 today to make pies. Not bad for free pumpkins!!

I thought about it and I am planning on drying some of the apples and using them to make wreaths as part of my christmas gift baskets this year!! Another free item put to good use. Oh and I will still have plenty to turn into Applesauce!!

God is good!! Wouldn't you agree??

Have a blessed day!!


  1. Way to go on using up some leftovers. I have been trying to do that as well. That is a lot of pumpkin. I need to bake some more to put in the freezer, but that will have to wait until after Thanksgiving.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family.


  2. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)