Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cool Weather!

It's been beautiful the past couple of days. Perfect fall weather. Now the weather man says its going to cool down, FAST!!  Which normally wouldn't worry me except I just sent my 10yr old out for the weekend to the mountains with his cub scout group. Oh what is a mama to do? I would much rather he be home where I know he's warm, well fed and comfortable. But like his daddy keeps telling me, he's going to be just fine and he has everything he needs and we trust who he is camping with...but...well.. I'm still his mama... and... well, you know what I mean... right? Oh the heart stress of letting them grow up and be little men instead of my little boy, oh I can't wait till he gets home.

I am going to dig in deep with the housework today, I need to keep my mind off of things. We will probably just have dinner at home, not sure what yet, a friend said they may stop by so dinner is kind of up in the air as of yet, and we may rent a movie or two from the redbox. Lord knows I won't sleep, lol

I'm just going to go ahead and say that I worry like this EVERY SINGLE TIME he goes on one of these Cub Scout camping trips, and he has been on MANY, and EVERY SINGLE TIME he comes home pleased as punch and had a wonderful time.  So I gotta ask you....

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?? That I worry like this?? 

What's worse is that this adventurous 10 yr old has a little brother following in his footsteps and I am going to worry myself completely gray, I just know it!! Thankfully the little brother isn't old enough to be camping all weekend long with the older boys yet so I have a couple of years before I am right back in this same worrysome spot. LORD HELP ME!!!

It does help some that Daddy anticipated this rapid cool down in the weather and we just recently upgraded Mr. Adventure's sleeping bag to a -40* bag. So I know he'll be plenty warm. But he'd be warmer at home in his own bed... just saying!!

OK enough worry, I do have some things I want to get done in the house today, laundry, dishes, normal pick up, I'll call our friends in a bit to see what the plans for tonight are as far as dinner goes, and then prep what I can prep so we can just enjoy dinner and a movie!!

I've started on a Christmas gift for Kara, its a crocheted Hoodie, I got the pattern off the net, its working up really fast. I've just started it yesterday and have already finished one piece and started another, it works up in 6 pieces= the back, left front, right front, 2 sleeves and the hood. I've finished the back and have started the left front. I guess it helps that she is still a little thing so I won't take long to work it up for her, which is good, since its already October and my hm gift list is LONG!!! I'll post pics when I am done!! I love the yarn, its a varigated soft yarn, in pink, cream and brown, love the feel of it so far!!

Ok so thanks for listening to me whine about missing my boy, I am such a wimp, huh?? LOL

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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