Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday 2/19/2014

Good morning!!

Its a slow going morning around here.  We were up way to late last night helping my mom by putting in a new hot water heater. We didn't even leave mom's till after 10:15 by the time I got everyone ready for bed it was near 11:00. We are dragging this morning!!

It's a rainy dreary day today. And I imagine by this afternoon it will be a mucky muddy mess outside. With all the snow we've gotten recently and now the rain today melting all the snow, I see lots of mud in our future!!

So far today I've packed the hubs lunch, gotten both boys up and ready and off to school. I've called and checked on dh's gram (she'll be 90 next Sunday!) and made breakfast for little miss priss.

I'm about to go get some advil, for this headache I've got brewing, not sure if its lack of sleep or sinus related but I can't deal with a headache all day with so much I want to get done.

I need to call and check on my Pap and then check on my mom and then I need to get busy in this house.

I have 3 cakes to do for this weekend so I need to make sure all my "chores" are done so I don't have to worry with it while I'm in the middle of cakes.

So more of the same here, dishes, laundry, housework, and such.

Dinner tonight is Baked Cod, baked potatoes, and green beans

Hope you have a great day!!

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