Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm BACK!!!

Ok so I finally broke down and asked the hubs aka our computer guru what was up with my blogging? I haven't been able to blog in FOREVER. To be honest I didn't ask him at all because the hubs is a computer guru by trade and after dealing with user errors and such all day long week after week I didn't want to bother him but I'VE MISSED BLOGGING!! So this morning I caved and ask him to check it out and within minutes he found my issue. I LOVE THAT MAN. and not JUST because he keeps my computer operating properly, but for LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of reasons!! I'm BLESSED and I know it!!

So I'm back and very happy about it!! I hope to be able to find some time each day to blog a bit, but as usual I've got my kiddos and they take front runner to any and everything going on in my world. Because they ARE my world!!

See ya soon!!

1 comment:

  1. Glad that you are back. I have missed your posts.

    Have a wonderful day.