Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Another great weekend!! We celebrated New Year's away from home this year, and that is first for us because we normally stay home. Never the less we had a great time and a great meal with friends/neighbors!!!

Yesterday we went to church as usual then afterwards held Kara's 2nd birthday party at the church's banquet hall!! She has such a big time!! We are blessed by the family and friends that were able to make it!! I have a few pics and I will have to upload them so that I can share... maybe tomorrow if time allows!!!

Today we had a good day too, Mike was off again today so he took the boys and they had a Father/Son day and Kara and I picked up my mom on our way to town and we had a Mother/Daughter day!!

The boys spent the day going from Hobby shops to Comic Books stores, out to lunch then the game store to spend some gift cards they received at Christmas from their Uncle who enjoys spoiling them!!

Kara and I took my mom to town to help her find some after christmas bargins and she also needed to pick up a few household things.And shopping is always more fun with a buddy!! We went to the dollar tree, to Kmart, to lunch, to another dollar tree, to Hobby Lobby, to get a sweet tea at McDonalds- my personal shopping weakness- no trip to town finds me without a McD's sweet tea along the way, lol, then to a Family Dollar, a Variety Discount store, then to Dollar General, then finally home!!! Mom's greatest bargin was 26 strands of garland- the kind that looks like artifical tree, regularly 7.99 a strand on sale for 80% off and she only paid 1.60 each!! A roll of fabric christmas ribbon regularly 17.99 a spool on sale for 80% off and she only paid 3.60 for!! After we checked out and we loading the truck I told her to "quick get in and lets go, it feels like we robbed the place we saved so much" lol. She was quite happy with the bargain she got!!! What a sale!!! All that garland is going to look great next christmas season on her split rail fence and yes the ribbon she bought will be on the posts of the split rail fence as well!!

After all that we went to mom's to unload her packages, and I called home and had Mike and the boys meet me at mom's so he could fix her garage door as it had blown a capasitor. All in all it was a great day. The boys were happy to have their daddy all to theirselves but by late afternoon Kara was missing her daddy!!

Glad we are home now, it's really cold outside, there's talk of snow and with Mike going back to work tomorrow, and the boys going back to school as well, its was good to be home in plenty of time to jump back into our routine and get ready for the coming day.

We've had dinner, the dishwasher is loaded, the boys have showered and as soon as teeth are brushed and prayers said they will be off to bed. I need to get off of here and get Kara in the bath as well and get her ready for bed too!!

Enjoy the rest of your night!!

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