Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Busy Saturday

Good afternoon!!!

Thought I would take a moment to blog a bit while the baby is napping and the boys are quietly watching a show.

I ended up taking the oldest to the dr yesterday, turns out he really was sick. We weren't in the dr office very long before they told us he has strep throat. They wrote us a prescription and sent us on our way. I had his prescription filled, picked up a few things and then hurried home. After he ate some lunch I went ahead and gave him his first dose. Just a few hours went by and he was already acting a whole lot better. He took another dose last night before bed and got up this morning and took the morning dose, and I swear you would have never known he was even sick at all. He is back to his normal self, appetite is back and all. I know it was just an antibiotic they gave him but I tell you it was if they had put a mircle in that bottle.

I went over to my mom's house today to get my daddy's truck, I brought it back here, loaded up our trash and took it away, then stopped at the church to see if we could lend a hand. Mike had went there straight away this morning, to help with the moving and demolishing of the parsonage. I don't think I mentioned it but Tuesday night our parsonage burnt. Thank God no one was there, and no one was hurt, but its a total mess. The majority of the day has been spent moving out our pastors things and then once that was done they started on tearing out the walls and ceiling so that hopefully the work crew can get in and repair the damages.

Tonight we have a scout activity. The boys are looking forward to that!!

Thats about all I have to report. I hope you all enjoy your evening!!!


  1. I'm glad he's better already. Strep is a nasty thing to have.

    1. Yes it is!! Tonight Kara started holding her neck and telling me "ow boo boo" so I called our dr office and they are amazing!! They told me how much of Colby's meds to give Kara till our pharmacy opens and the prescription they call in for Kara can be filled. I didn't even have to take her in. When I took Colby to the dr on Friday he told me if the others come down with it just to call and he would call them somehting in. Which saves me from having to drag sick kids out and saves me on the co-pays!!!