Monday, January 9, 2012

Pantry Challenge

Ok so I semi-joined the pantry challenge over at

And I say semi-joined because like I told her, my efforts would be somewhat like cheating since I totally just went grocery shoppingon 12/30/2011 for the whole month of January 2012.

We're not doing alot of scrounging up dinner around here at the moment because I planned out our menu, shopped accordingly and hopefully won't have to do a big shop again till next week and it should be for February's menu but we will see.

But even the best laid plans are well just that plans, they aren't successful unless those well laid plans are carried out as intended. There are bound to be hiccups along the way. How we handle those hiccups determine whether or not our plan is successful.

Last night was one of those hiccups. We had planned on our menu Fried chicken dinner, which I didn't lay out because for Dh's birthday on Saturday his grandma bought us a family size pack of steaks- nice steaks for us to cook on Sunday evening. So that was the plan, Steaks and baked potato, mmmm sounded good to me...... then wouldn't ya know it......hiccup!!!

We got out of church a bit late, which set the whole day's plans off schedule just a bit, we got lunch, went to the grocery store for my gram, went to grams for my great uncle's birthday celebration, then went to the cemetary, then dropped mom off at her house,then finally got to come home, only to have a neighbor and fellow scout leader call and say they needed to get our opinion on some finalizing of Scout Sunday plans and so he came over for coffee and a last minute pow-wow and by the time they left it was dark and cold and dh didn't feel like grilling out.

But we still had to eat so what to do??? I peeled some potatoes, dh went out to the freezer and got some breakfast sausage links and we had breakfast for dinner, fast, easy and yummy. And we totally didn't order out which would have been a knee jerk reaction!!

Having stuff on hand, easy quick items to throw together for dinner really saved us.

Just another reason to keep a stocked pantry, which I am thankful to be able to have bought our months worth of groceries a week or so ago. Otherwise it wouldn't have been such a smooth recovery for dinner thats for sure!!!

Have a great day everyone!!

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