Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Call me ridiculous if you may but....

Yes, I have already started thinking about Christmas 2012!!!
I want a more homemade more crafted christmas for our family and friends and the ideas are just rolling around in my head like crazy!!!

I hope sincerely to be able to keep up this momentum and have our gifts made and ready to go long before the holiday rush and shopping craziness goes full blown!!

Alot depends on our garden, or the ability to purchase from the farmer's market should our gardening efforts fail. Doesn't a "basket" of hm goodies sound like a wonderful family gift?? And I do use the term "basket" loosely because I plan on reusing the cardboard boxes I buy diapers in, only I'll dress them up so they look all festive!!!

Also I love to crochet and I love to have a project going at all times so I've got some crocheted gifts in mind too!!

Lots rolling around in my noggin!! Thankfully I write all my ideas down in my idea notebook- crazy or not, lol- any idea is just that an idea, its not concrete unless I act on it. But writing them down gives me time to think about them, and whether they'll make a good gift or not!!!

That being said I want to devote more time to crafting!! So I gotta jump off of here and get some of my "chores" done so I can maybe have time to do some crafting this week. Probably not christmas crafting but more likely baby crafting, a sweet lady in our church is fixin to have her first baby after years of trying and I would like to make her a blanket for the little munchie!!!

Have a great day!! The housework calls!!!


  1. I hope that you post some ideas on here. I need to get going on a quilt for our neighbors. They adopted a little boy almost 2 years ago after trying for so long. They had been saving for another adoption when she got pregnant.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.


  2. Sure will Cheryl and since my family has no idea I even have a blog its safe to post here what I am making!! Well hubby does know but he isn't a reader, poor fella doesn't have time.