Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This update is from Sunday:

I tell you the power in prayer is amazing!!We received a call yesterday morning about a little after 6am and they told us Andrew was going into surgery at 8am,I immediately started to pray, then like clock work Mike's alarm went off at 7am so that we could get up and ready for church our normal sunday routine, the amazing thing was that when his alarm went off it was set to a christian radio station and normally it goes off in the middle of a commercial or in the middle of song but yesterday morning it went off and then there was a pause then Amazing Grace started playing from the beginning, I knew then that was a sign and prayed again. Then we got ready and knowing there was nothing we could do while he was in surgery but wear out the carpeting in the waiting room we went to church. On our way to church Mike and I both talked about that song playing and how we both hoped it was a sign and agreed it probably was.I can't tell you enough how much I love our church, before church started the pastor started with a long and heartfelt wonderful prayer for Andrew, it moved Mike and I both to tears. The love and prayers in church sunday all for our nephew was just overwhelming. Yesterday was also communion sunday and Mike and I both spent extra time at the rail. When the time came to send up the offerings the pianist plays a different song ever week, this day though she played Amazing Grace while the offering was being collected and Mike and squeezed hands and both started crying we KNEW it was a sign, it had to be. Many people stopped us before and after church concerned for us, and for him. The feelings were just overwhelming. We are so blessed to have such a church family and friends like all of you like we do I am just in awe of it all. After church we left right away and headed for the hospital about 2 hrs away. When we got there they told us he was still in surgery so we had to wait and wait and wait, then they told us surgery was over but there were complications and it would be longer to see him in recovery they were working on him to get him stabilized. Our hearts sank but we knew we had received our sign and he was going to be fine so we waited, finally at around 4:30 they let us see him. The complications were nothing too major what it was that his intibation tube was too small so it was clogged with blood clots from his lungs, which they tell us is normal to have a bit of blood in your lungs when you’ve been hit by a car, and while they have him on a ventilator they are suctioning out the blood from his lungs with the help of the ventilator so they needed to change from a small tube to a larger one but it was routine and not a great big deal.The surgery they tell us went well, they removed the fixators and have rebuilt his legs with rods, plates and pins. His color is much better, Saturday when we saw him he was gray and green looking, yesterday all that was gone and he has some of his color back not quite rosy but better than grey and green.They have inserted something into his veins to record his BP every second instead of using the cuff that only takes it every so often. His blood pressure was around the 130’s but the nurse said it was ok. I touched his arm and started talking to him and his blood pressure came down to like 108 the more I talked to him the calmer his BP was, we were just amazed as he is still completely sedated. Mike and Talked to him a good long time and told him it was going to be ok, it would take time but they were fixing him up, and when he woke up he needed to be calm so they could help him more, on and on we talked to him and coached him to be calm and let the doctors work and do the best they could do the fix him up good as new and he stayed calm the whole time, it was only when we mentioned the brace on his neck which he hates that his BP ever went back up. We told him how much we loved him and how we would always be there for him and his BP came right back down. This was a huge huge blessing to us. There still is more surgery that will happen either today or maybe tomorrow no one is really sure and that is all for the plastic surgery. They will keep him sedated till after the plastic surgery operation.Hopefully after that he can wake up and we can talk to him, Mike is just sick over Andrew being this hurt. I know I have probably said before but Mike helped raise him till he was 2.5-3 yrs old, so like he said Andrew was his first little buddy. Speaking of yesterday when I got to see him for the first time I was asking questions and the nurse sort of reacted like I was questioning her ability to do her job and was quite gruff with me, I assured her that I wasn’t at all questioning her ability that I just wanted as much info as I could get, that she may see a grown man laying there (Andrew is 18 and 6’5/6’6 after all ) but what I see is a little boy, who though I might only technically be his Aunt it’s the same for me as if my own child was laying there. Mike was the only guy I knew when we started dating who drove a mustang with a car seat in the back and it wasn’t even his child, this boy has been part of my life since he was VERY small, an in that reguard he is like a son to both of us. After that she relaxed a bit and I guess she could understand where we were coming from better.From then on out she has been very nice and answered any questions I have.

Monday's Update:
As of last night there was no change, the surgeon they thought was going to make rounds at 8:30 and we hoped we would know more and have an idea of when the next surgery would be but by 10:00 last night the surgeon still hadn't been by. Its so frustrating. Don't get me wrong the level of care he is receiving is amazing but the lack of communication is so frustrating. I guess we just have to be patient and leave it all in God's hands, and trust in that. I know its the best thing its just hard to wait. thank you all for being on this journey with us, the road doesn't seem so lonely when there are so many who are there backing you up!!!I'll keep updating as we have more info, hopefully we'll hear something today.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I will keep praying. Amazing Grace is one of my favorite songs.