Friday, January 13, 2012

Its been a rough week!!

Instead of typing it all out again, Here is the email I sent my pastor:

Our 18yr old nephew Andrew was hit by a car yesterday morning. He is in grave condition. They took him first to our local hospital and they worked on him but decided he needed more specialized care so they sent him on to a trama center hospital, which is supposed to be the best trauma hospital in the country. The car that hit him was speeding, when it hit him it threw him up in the air, flipped him around and when he landed he landed on top of the car, caving in the roof of the car and breaking the windshield. They said they had to peel him off the car.He has a huge cut on his head, plus lots of other cuts and gashes,a brace on his neck, the bones in both of his legs from his knees down have been completely shattered. They said the only thing holding his legs on were his tendons. This is really bad.

Wednesday's Information:The first hospital thinks they got all the bone fragments out with the first surgery, the second hospital hoped to do surgery today. He has a trauma team assigned to him, 2 orthopedic surgeons and 2 plastic surgeons also assigned to him. All in all Mike said he thinks there are like 7-8 doctors/surgeons on his case.They said they think they may be able to save his legs, the dr said “fairly certain but there have been cases that even after surgery and such for whatever reason the patient still ended up losing their limbs” meaning that he thinks that they can save his legs, but you still have to factor in infection an such, its a lot that can go wrong.He will probably have to have steel rods replace his bones, plus plastic surgery to repair and close the wounds.

Thursday's information: The trama center hospital took him into surgery today and had to reassess his legs, apparently they found more bone fragments and weren't able to start the reconstruction procedures yet, it could be this weekend before they could start. After bringing him out of the reassessment surgery, he did not react well to the anestesia (sorry for my spelling) his heart rate is too high, his breathing is hard and fast, the blood oxygene levels are way off, he is in extreme pain, and drugged up from the meds they are giving him and he doens't know what he is doing, they had to tie him down because he was pulling at the iv's and tubes and using the pull up bar to try to get up out of bed, he keeps saying I want to go home, so because of all that and the additional medical problems they had to sedate him after restraining him. He is in intermediate care recovery after his surgery today, Mike said its a step down from ICU/CCU. But I am not sure Mike just called me in tears after seeing him like this tonight. He said the dr's said it may be a possibility that a bone fragment has made its way to his heart and that is why he is having so many other problems but they aren't 100% sure, they just don't know. Andrew's father never even showed up, neither day to either hospital. He chose to go to work instead. Which doesn’t surprise me since almost a year ago he told my nephew that his wife was more important to him than my nephew. My nephew has been staying with his grandparents- His father's parents. Andrew's mother is Mike's sister and she is the one who brought them to me about 5 yrs ago they were 13 and 11 at the time, it was a week before my nephews birthday and she told them she was leaving town, there was nothing for her here and she moved that day to Arizona. She left them with me and left them crying and begging her to stay and told me that when I was finished with them I could take them to their father. This boy needs saved. He has been cast about like a piece of trash for so long. Mike and I on different times have tried to step in and help but the father and stepmother won’t allow it, they put all kinds of ridiculousness into the kids heads and so the kids wanted nothing to do with us because of what they had told them. Thank God that since our nephew has been staying with his grandparents they have encouraged him to reach out to us and he has, this past yr has been great. We love this boy and would have taken them both as our own all those years ago if they would have just let us. This boy needs a chance, he needs to know he is loved and not disguarded. Please pray for him, for his healing, for the doctors to do what is nessessary to save his legs and his life, please pray for him. He needs and deserves saving.I don't know what this will do to Mike if Andrew doesn't pull through this. When Andrew was born his parents were seperated and Mike was the only father figure in his life for the first few years of his life. That's part of the reason Andrew's father doesn't like Mike, because Mike was there for Andrew from the day he was born when Andrew's own father wouldn't be. I don't know what else to say, I probably rambled on and gave more family history than you probably needed or wanted but I guess I wanted you to know how much he means to us. Thank you for reading this far. I appreciate it greatly!!

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