Monday, January 23, 2012

Update on our Nephew

The news on Andrew as of last night is that they went ahead and did the tracheotomy, they said his throat was raw and bleeding from the ventilator, now that he has the trach he is resting and doing well, they are still removing congestion from his lungs but the bleeding in the lungs is no longer a problem and they hope that if he stays stable they will be able to completely back off of the sedation and as long as he stays stable through all of that then the hope is that he will be moved to Rehab in the town we live in so LOTS closer to home, by or before the weekend. We are extatic about that news!!! Of course they won't say for sure as it all depends on how he is doing.

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  1. What an encouraging update. I will continue praying as the Lord lays this request on my heart.

    So, how did you enjoy your fresh ground hamburger? I have done it with some on a hand grinder. I can imagine the attachment on the kitchen aid mixer is a lot better.

    Have a wonderful day.