Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just ordered my first 2012 christmas gifts :)

I got an email yesterday from a company we shop from occasionally. They had these talking plush items om sale that coincide with a family favorite show so I forwarded the email on to the hubs and he agreed they would be well loved additions to our kid's christmas items.

So this morning I ordered them, I even ordered dh one, lol to put on his desk at work!!!

My dh and my kids love Doctor Who, so I ordered them a talking Tardis, a talking Dalek and a Talking Cyberman!

Yay!! I am on my way!!!

Other Ideas I have are:

For the sister-in-laws and other females that receive a gift from us: crocheted socks!! Socks are the only reason I have ever wanted to learn to knit, but I found some free patterns on and even some books out there that show crocheted socks that look as great as knit ones so I am thinking each sil will get a pair of crocheted socks as their small personal gift.

I am still working on an idea for a small personal gift for the guys in the family they are a little harder to figure out.

Then as a family gift I am taking the boxes that Kara's diapers come in, I am going to wrap them in christmas wrap or decorate them some way then I hope to fill them with hm goodies, either baked, canned or mixed up.

I am thinking hm spaghetti sauce, hm dried noodles- maybe I've only made noodles once, hm grilling spices, hm baking mixes. Or maybe a pizza basket with hm pizza sauce, hm pepperoni- agian maybe since I haven't done this but want to try to make my own etc.
Who knows what I will come up with for my hm goodie baskets.

Other crocheted ideas for the ladies are washcloths for the kitchen, or scarves and hats.

I am excited to be sure!!!
What ideas do you all have rolling around that you might want to share?? I am open to all ideas!!!
Have a great day!!


  1. Way to go! I like the food basket idea, but I would need to be able to mail it. I may need to think about adding another person this year. Our son has a girlfriend and it looks like she is a keeper.

    I think I may concentrate more on household items for the girls for when they move out on their own.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.


  2. Cheryl, great minds think alike, my kids are only 10,6 and 2 right now but it has been on my mind as to what I need to make for them for their hope chests.
    Our goal is for each one of the kids to have a blanket chest/hopechest made for them by their daddy, then I get the privilige of filling them up, or helping them fill them up. Of course our boys wont' be interested in blankets and sheets and such but never the less they will need them eventually!! I know your children are older than mine and you have one away at college, would you mind sharing with me how you got them ready?? I know I have 8 yrs before I need to think about it but honestly it's not as a long as I would like. I just don't see us having a lump sum of money to go out and buy what they might need when the time comes, I think it would be better if we did it a bit at a time. Any insight you can offer would be great!!! Thanks Cheryl!!

  3. Oh and as far as mailing your food baskets, the mixes would come in great there, no need to worry about broken glass. Infact to save on using my precious canning jars I plan on putting my mix ingredients into ziplock bags, press out all the air,then putting the zip lock bag into a decorated lunch size paper bag, folding over the top like when you pack a lunch punch 2 holes, thread with curling ribbon, tie a bow and curl the ribbon!! Cute, cheap and I get to keep my jars, everyone loves my homemade stuff but I never get my jars back and they are expensive!!! Of course that will only work for my mixes, canned goods like jams, jellies and sauces I'll have to bid my jars farewell, lol

  4. Dana,

    I finally have some time to reply. Through the years we have got them something for Christmas or their birthdays for their hope chest. We did not do so much for our son (I wish we would have now). They have measuring cups, spoons, hot pads, pillow cases, bowls, cookie cutters (every Christmas they got one in their stocking).

    We have been buying them towels, shower curtains, and things that they like. Emily likes ducks, so hers are that. RaeAnne likes dolphins, and I found a set for her hope chest this year.

    I like your idea of the bags. I don't like sending my jars out as I usually don't get them back.

    Have a wonderful day.