Thursday, January 26, 2012

A day at home

My oldest is not feeling well, and so Momma is keeping him home from school today. He's camped out in our livingroom on the couch watching Mickey Mouse Club House with his little sister, and not complaining like he normally would and trying to convince her to watch his show so yeah he is really sick.

We are going to be home today, I originally had plans to maybe meet up with a friend for lunch and then this evening meet up with my mom to visit a new discount grocery store that has come to town but with a sick child, all of that has been squashed. He needs to rest and if he doesn't show any improvement then a trip to the dr is in his future. I hate when their sick. Normally I am scolding them to stop running around like they're on fire or stop wrestling, and horseplaying, etc but its hard to see him miserable and not wanting anything but to just be still on the couch. Poor fella.

I have plenty to do around here so there isn't lack of something to keep me busy and by having him on the couch he is close to me in case he needs me for something.

Here's hoping this is a 24hr thing, although to be honest I really don't think it is. :(

Have a great day, hoping your households are warm and illness free!!!

1 comment:

  1. I hope that he gets well quickly. It isn't fun when your kids are sick.

    Have a great day.