Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday's Master Plan 6/21/2011

Happy 1st official day of summer!!

Its been pretty warm here lately so I was happy to believe its been summer for a few weeks now!! :)

Today's master plan is to do the laundry!! Get it all washed, dried and put away!! It should take most of the day!!

I also need to take the dehydrators out to the garage and get them put away.

I have some papers that need sorted and filed ( either really filed or filed in the paper shredder, lol)

Really lots of busy work needs done!! Hopefully the kiddos will cooperate!! Usually they are messing up as fast or faster than I can clean up!!

Lunch today is leftover dinner from last night. We went to a local italian place. Mmmm it was sooo good. It was really nice for dh's gram to treat us!!!

Dinner tonight I am pretty sure will be leftovers!! I have some steak leftover from our father's day dinner, and some italian sausages and brats leftover from another dinner so I think it would be best to make sub sandwiches for dinner tonight with the leftovers!!! I don't have any provolone cheese for the steak sandwiches but I bet mozzerella will work just fine for tonight!!

Thats about all for me today. I still need to make a shopping list and clip and sort my coupons but I think that will be a chore for another time. I think today will be pretty busy!!!

Have a great day!!

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