Monday, June 20, 2011


My mood right now is a toss up.

On one hand we soooo need the rain so that the garden does well and we don't end up with a drought like last year where it was hotter than Hades and everything burned up not to mention that spending time outside was just undoable and UNBEARABLE in that heat!!

Then on the other hand, all this rain means inside only. My kiddos like to be outside, running and playing and having a good time during the summer.

So now what?? Grin and bear it I guess!!

Today we went to run errands for Daddy. Tonight we are having dinner with Mammaw. Tomorrow we are getting company in the afternoon, and I have TONS of housework stuff that needs attention after the weekend that we just had which was totally busy. So I'll be playing catchup in the morning to try to get it done!! Tomorrow night Granny is coming for dinner and I am pretty sure she is bringing one of the cousins with her. Lets hope the rain holds off so that they can play outside at least a bit.
Wednesday more errands
Thursday or maybe Friday hoping the rain holds off and we can have a play date with a friend and her little one.

Busy busy busy!!

Have a great day!!

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