Monday, June 13, 2011

I can't believe my last post was Wednesday....

I have been trying to post each day more for a to-do list for myself but it helps keep me organized, at least that is my hope. I am a list maker and if I make a list on paper its inevitable that my youngest will get a hold of it and either rip it to shreds, draw all over it or drool all over it while ripping it to shreds. So blogging my to-do list is most helpful in that area lol

Its been an extremely busy weekend and it looks like this week will be out of sight busy as well.

What happened to it being the LAZY DAYS of summer?? There certainly isn't any of that around here!!

Ok let me catch up:

Thursday was 1/2 day of school but also the last day of school!! My youngest also had a check up with shots and was lets say unconsolable for 12hrs after that. Ugh what a day that was, she got her shots and I had time to kill in town before oldest got out of school so I thought Oh ok I'll go by Michaels and pick up some yarn for these baby blankets I would like to make for the Church Yard Party Auction, and then I will pick up lunch <- I had promised the boys I would pick up Popeye's for lunch as a treat for it being the last day of school and because they did so well etc.

So we leave the dr office, she is fine, not really happy she got shots but the screaming she did while she got them was over and she seemed to be her normal happy carefree self. I stopped for gas, and picked up drinks and a snack because I had forgot to grab drink cups when I left that morning. After the fill up, we proceded to Michaels where once inside she decided to scream and cry and just totally did not wan to shop, ok skip the yarn and drive across town to get Popeyes and then come home and wait for Colby to get off the bus.

NOTHING at home got done that day, she had bouts of screaming and clingyness the rest of the day and into the evening, WOULD NOT go to bed in spite of being totally exhausted, finally around Midnight I took her to our bed snuggled her down and after she flopped a good 10mins she finally let sleep over come her and she slept fitfully until I got up at 5am, so yeah not alot of sleep for mama. Not how I envisioned our Last Day Of School celebration to go but I am pretty lucky that my boys and especially my hubby rolls with the punches.

Friday I like I said got up early, haveing not been able to get anything done on Thursday because Kara wanted to be held most of the day and night I had things the needed to be done before my mom got here to watch the kids for me while I took Dh's gram to the dermatologist for skin cancer surgery on her nose. Let me just say that no sleep before a big deal like surgery even if it is on someone else is a BIG DEAL. Dh's gram is a wonderwoman, honestly I hope I am just as super when I am 87 years old. Let me tell you what they did to her, they brought us back to a room to preform the surgery, I stayed while they numbed her nose and prepped her then I had to wait in the hall, anyway the cut the cancer off then had to test it to make sure they got it all, the surgery itself took minutes the waiting took close to an hour, while they are testing they brought us to another room to just sit and wait, well the first test sample came back positive so they took her back again to operate, then more waiting, the second sample came back positive so they took her back again to operate, then more waiting, the third sample cameback positive so the took her back again to operate, then more waiting, They cut on her 4 seperate times FINALLY she came back clear of skin cancer so we waited another hour and then they decided to close her wound. What a ROCK she is. Originally they told her 1/2 an hour and then she would be done so she had asked me if my mom would mind keeping the kids a bit longer so I could take her to the farmers market and to Walmart, well needless to say we were there quite a bit longer than 1/2 an hour and we didn't get released until after 2, she was in no mood to shop then so I filled her prescriptions and brought her home. I've been changing the bandages on her nose each day since. She is weak and sleeps alot and the first day after she told me her nose couldn't hurt more if someone had beat her in the nose with a bat, her eyes were black and her whole face was swollen. But each day she is getting better.

Saturday we went with mom to get flooring to finish her kitchen and hall. The kids and I ended hanging out at moms till He was done working at there for the day. It was another long night and we didn't get to bed again till late.

Sunday we went to church, then I picked up gram and paps meds, then I went to the cemetary to see my dad, then stopped at Gram and Paps, left there to meet up with the hubs<- he was finishing up the flooring at my moms, then I went to change the bandages on his gram then we went shopping to get stuff to get our oldest ready for camp. Then home !!!

Today is busy busy busy catch up day, I need to do laundry, dishes, pick up the house, take away the trash and change the bandages on dh's grams nose, then home for more housework!!

Thankfully today we will having leftover so meals are taken care of.

I think that catches me up. So yeah so much for The Lazy Days of Summer!!

Have a great day!!

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