Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday 6/14/2011

Good Morning!!
I'm sitting here enjoying my coffee, I've packed dh's lunch and he has left for work, 2 out of 3 kids are up. So far its an easy going morning!!

Yesterday was a busy day for us, but we had fun too!!
We started our day by gathering up and taking away the trash, then I had to pick up paperwork for dh while we were in town, I stopped to get the kids some lunch which we munched on the way to dh's grams house so I could clean her wound and change her bandages. We also picked her up a sandwich while we were out as a treat the poor thing hasn't left her house or even been outside since Friday.

Once we were back home I dove into the laundry pile, I washed and hung out 3 loads, boxed up some of Brady's outgrown clothes for donation, worked on papers Colby brought home from his last day of school and just worked around the house. I made tea for my mom and plated up meals for her for the next few days. I watered the garden and by the time I finished that dh had come home and mom had come over to pick up her goodies. They inspected my garden to see how great it was doing- its a country thing, most people find out your gardening they want to inspect it, and talk a while over it!!!

Then on the walk back to the house the boys discovered the June Berries were ready. So as Mom got ready to head home the boys and dh launched a Berry Picking Party, Kara and I tagged along to help. She didn't pick any berries but she ate plenty!! There are good many of those Wild Red Raspberries out there, not all are ripe yet but they did pick a good many.

Here are some pics of the event, I didn't get any of the boys picking, by the time I got the camera they were pretty much done but I couldn't help but snap these few pics:

Kara holding her berry, this pic is a little fuzzy because she wouldn't stop moving, lol

Mmmm Wild Red Raspberries are YUMMY!!!!

Berry Stained Face= Very Happy Baby!!

Close-up of the Berries. The boys are so excited to be picking wild berries!! They are talking about making homemade wild red raspberry icecream. I'm wondering how they are going to do that when we don't have a ice cream maker. I'm guessing daddy is hinting around for Father's Day Gifts!! We will see what happens!! I think for now I will just freeze them till we have enough to do something with.

So that was our Monday!!

Today I have more laundry to do, more housework to do, more lovin on my kiddos to do. Looks like it will be a pretty busy day!!

I need to go hunt around in the freezer, I have a good many leftover mashed potatoes, and I am thinking that I am pretty sure there is a pork roast out there that will go great with those mashed potatoes!!

Have a great day!!


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  1. What great pictures. She looks like she sure enjoyed the berries. Our raspberry canes are loaded and we are looking forward to them.

    Have a great day with your family.