Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Garden is IN!! and PIE Day!!

Just stopping in really quick to post, before my busy busy day!!

The garden is in, well mostly, I still have a couple rows that are empty and well I just can't leave that be so something will be going into them soon!!

I've got pics of all my happy helpers in the garden, and I will post them soon, maybe tonight!!

Yesterday for me was pie day. Originally I had planned to hang out with my friend Tiffani, but I postponed due to the fact that my oldest is still in school and is feeling alittle leftout as of late, his brother is finished with preschool over a week ago and now is able to go do things with me during the day and my oldest is feeling way leftout. Not that I am normally doing anything glamorous but I guess time with mom is still time with mom no matter what we're doing. So instead of hanging out with Tiffani and her cutie patootie little girl Phoebe, I baked pies and cakes for the church dinner being held this evening.
Totally a good thing I postponed becuase seriously I didn't finish baking until like 8 pm last night and I baked all day long.
In total I baked 3 cakes, and 7 pies. My mom came over to use my oven since hers is out of commission and 1 of the cakes was hers, as was 2 of the pies. My cakes were boxed I admit but my pies were all home made from scratch. EVEN the pumpkin I used for the 3 pumpkin pies, I had the puree in the freezer from a pumkin I harvested a while back.
Lots of work to be sure but it is definately going to a good cause!!
Pics to follow of the finished products too!!

Ok gotta go, lots and lots to do!!
Have a great day!!


  1. That is a lot of baking. I know we turned out 5 pies last week, but there were five of us baking them.

    Have a great day. Way to go on getting your garden in. That is a big job.


  2. I totally would have helped you bake. :P It's ok that you rescheduled. Phoebe was in a bad mood.

  3. Isn't it fun to get the garden planted! Such a good feeling and promise of good eating to come!