Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday 2/8/2012

Good morning!!

Today is a day spent mostly at home, I guess Kara and I won't be completely alone today though since the school just sent out a message that they are closing early due to the impending storm and so Brady won't have Kindergarten at all today and Colby will be home when the school dismisses at 1pm.

I still hope to keep up with my house work and manage to get things done, maybe I'll be able to get the boys to help me!!

I've taken on a head cold and I am miserable, but am working through it so that I can get all my work done since we are going to be busy all weekend starting tomorrow night with practice for Scout Sunday. Then Friday we are having friends over for dinner, Saturday having family over for dinner, Sunday is Scout Sunday at our church so I need to make 2 pots of soup for that and maybe a dessert. Goodness its going to make for a very busy and full weekend!!

So far today I've:
*Packed Mike's lunch and got him off to work
*Wrote checks for the kids lunch accounts at school
*Got Colby off to school
*Made Breakfast for Brady and Kara- Colby eats at school most days
-hoping to curb this some and save some money by having him eat at home with quick meals prepared ahead, like breakfast sandwiches made at home and waiting to be reheated from the freezer so I...

*Started Sausage patties baking in the oven and english muffins toasting in the toaster for hm freezer breakfast sandwiches
*Somewhat picked up the kitchen, it still needs attention.

Still left for today:
Finish breakfast sandwiches and put in freezer
Prep dinner
Clean up kitchen and sweep
Straighten up living room and sweep
Straighten up bathroom, wipe down and sweep
Clean Hall and sweep
Start in Kara's room
Laundry- probably 2-3 loads
Make dinner
Clean up dinner/kitchen and sweep
Kids in bed
Collapse, lol

What's your day look like???

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