Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tightening the belt..... digging deep

So I got some not really great news today..... Mike thinks the transmission in my truck is starting to go :( Insert extreme frowny face here!! :(

And we don't have the money to have it checked out let alone to have it fixed so I will be babying it and staying pretty close to home. Its still driveable and he thinks around town, getting the boys back and forth to the bus, little things like that it will be fine, its the mountainous driving where it starts to get fussy, so that will have to be cut out.

I am going to pray about it and I know already from the git go that it will all be ok, we will work it out someway, we always do and I am going to do my best not to worry about it. Easier said than done sometimes but I think its important to show the boys that no matter what happens there is a solution and though it might take hard work and time to save up enough money to have it repaired, patience is a virtue and its a lesson worth living for them to learn it through us.

Its not the end of the world, its just something we will have to work through thats all.

So we will be digging deep and tightening the belt, practicing our patience and most importantly we will be doing it together. And together we can do anything so I know in my heart it will be ok!!


  1. I hope that it isn't too serious. I will be praying. How is the nephew doing?

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.


  2. Thanks Cheryl!! I know it will all work out just the way its supposed to, just trying not to let it worry me, ya know??

    Thanks for asking about our nephew, he is doing AMAZING!! They sent him to a rehab facility here in our home town on Monday, and they said he is doing so INCREDIBLY WELL that they released him to go home on Friday!!! The doctors are just amazed at his progress!! He will still have to have another surgery, this time to take a piece of bone from his hip to put into his leg but his spirits are good and he is looking forward to just getting better!!! PTL!!!Thanks for praying for him, and for us!! Enjoy your day friend!!!

  3. I know about the worrying, etc. The Lord has been working there on me as well. What wonderful news for your nephew. I will continue to pray.