Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Catching up at home!!

After a busy weekend and running around yesterday and then having to get things ready for cub scouts last night I just haven't had alot of time to devote to home. Today I hope to remedy that.

My weekend looked like this:

Put oldest on bus
come home get youngest 2 and myself ready to go
go to dh's grams- help her with paperwork
Pick up dh's gram, take youngest son to the bus stop for afternoon kindergarten
Grams, Kara and I head out for a day of grocery shopping
Shop at Sharp Shopper
stop for a tea at McD's- shopping weakness of ours *smile*
Stop at Grams to unload her purchases
Pick up both boys at bus stop, home to unload our groceries
Go back to grams, to bring back her car which we took shopping with us, pick up Kara who stayed with grams then home to put groceries away
Work on groceries till time to make dinner
Make dinner, help dh get him and Oldest packed up for camping trip
Baths and bed for the kids
Bed for us early 9:30 since we have to get early

Get up before the chickens- that is if we had chickens lol - get dh and oldest off to camping trip
Drink Coffee and try to get awake
Call and check on dh's grams
My mom calls and is ready for me to pick her up
Take her to Sears to see about parts for her dishwasher, and Washer
Mom treated us to Lunch and Icecream- super cool!!
Take mom to new Sharp Shopper Store- she's never been
Stop at redbox so Brady could pick movies
Stop at Martins- Brady got to pick what he wanted for dinner since he wasn't old enough to go camping and he picked fish sticks- not great but I promised so whattaya gonna do?? lol
Fill up truck with gas
Take Mom home- unload her groceries and purchases
Brady stays with mom since my brother and his fam were there for a bit, Kara is asleep in the truck so I head on home to let her finish her nap
Mom and Brady came home, Mom brought her laundry since her washer is down
Made dinner of Chicken strips, fries, breaded mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, and fish sticks, watched movies and worked on Mom's laundry
Mom left around Midnight, kids are asleep on couch so I put the baby in our bed, get a blanket and pillow for Brady, lock up and head to bed as soon as Mom calls to say she is home safe.

Alarm goes off at 7
Get up, coffee, and get awake, get Myself and kids ready for church, got to church
Dh and oldest get back from camping and meet us at church
We all head home, dh and youngest stop at dh's grams as she made a ham and wanted to split it with us, I head home with oldest and youngest, peel potatoe and shred them to make ham, hashbrown and eggs brunch
Everyone is exhausted so the boys played a video game and watched a movie and dh and I took the baby and laid down we all 3 napped it was GREAT as we were super tired

Get up, clean up dress and then pick up Dh's Gram and go to dinner
Dinner was awesome!! We ate at King's and italian place so good!!
Drop dh's gram off, head home, kids ready for bed, we watched a show then head to bed

Up early dh's lunch packed and he's headed off to work
Take oldest to the bus, come home get the rest of us ready then we head in town
went to Joanns, then to Target then still had time before youngest son had to be at afternoon kindergarten so we went to play at the park
Played at the park till time for school then after dropping him off, came home had lunch and put the baby down for a nap, got busy on cub scout stuff, dishes etc
Then picked up boys off the bus, homework/ready for scouts
after scouts we ate quickly the boys went to bed and dh and I relaxed and watched a show

So you can so not alot of housework got done over the weekend so today I am doing laundry, dishes, cleaning and straightening up the house and hopefully will get everything done so we can have an awesome dinner before heading to bed to collapse, lol lol lol

Dinner tonight is Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, hm apple sauce, corn muffins, tomatoes, cukes, onions and peppers cut up- essentially a salad with no lettuce- I put it in the wrong drawer and it froze :(

Have a great day!!

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  1. You have been busy. I hope that your little ones get well quickly. It seemed to be the 24 hour variety here.

    Have a wonderful day with your children. Your supper sounds good. I have had that happen with the lettuce also. But all the veggies are good together.