Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday 2/16/12

Woke up to rain today. Which puts my plan to haul trash off on the back burner. I checked the weather and it looks like tomorrow will be a great sunny day to get it taken care of so that is my plan now.

I was just visiting a blog and found a great link to a tutorial for making french seam pillow cases. My plan is to make pillow cases in favorite fabrics for my kids and my neices and nephews for christmas.

I had bought some Doctor Who fabric to make my boys some pj bottoms for chrismas 2011 but it just didn't work out, the fabric I ordered didn't feel much like pj material and I think its better suited for pillow cases or throw pillows etc, since my boys are Dr Who crazy I think it will be a great gift for them paired with a new pillow!!

For my neices and nephews well I am thinking...
Horse fabric for my oldest neice, sports fabric for my 2 nephews and for the youngest neices which also happen to be twins I hope that when I get their birthday invite in August it will give me an idea as to what they are into at the time. As for my daughter I think I can't go wrong with Minnie Mouse fabric or something super girly!!

Of course I am hoping that I can get all my gifts made well in advance so I can enjoy the Christmas Holiday stress free!!!

Any ideas for brothers and sister-in-laws???
Wouldn't it be nice to have a homemade christmas?? Each year we make more and more of our gifts to give but we've never be able to give every person on our gift list a homemade gift. Its a goal that we are working on though.

My plan for today is to get all my inside work done so that tomorrow I can take the trash away, then for dinner tonight I am going to make Clam chowder and corn bread muffins!!! Mmm soup on a rainy day just hits the spot!!!

Have a great day!!

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