Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A busy day at home

Good Morning or should I say good almost afternoon!!

I am sitting here catching up on blogs that I like to read and thought I might as well take a bit of time to update my own!!

I have a busy day planned at home today, laundry as always, dishes, cleaning up, running after/occupying/enjoying/ my little girl while her brothers are off at school. I am still crocheting a baby blanket for a friend at church and have about 2/3 of it done just gotta keep after it and get it done, hopefully by Sunday :)

I have also finalized my menu for March, but still need to make my grocery list and clip my coupons all before Friday when I plan to go shopping, that is if everything goes as planned but with 3 kids and a life in general things don't always go as planned so I am prepared to roll with the punches, as they say.

I am looking forward to getting some fresh pork that we ordered from a cousin who is butchering!! I ordered just a small order of 10lbs of pork chops and 10lbs of unseasoned sausage, dh and I are very interested in making our own sausage so we thought we would test the water by starting with unseasoned ground meat then once we find a recipe we like we can jump in and start grinding our own!!

Speaking of sausage I think that is a good idea for dinner tonight, Wednesdays are normally breakfast for dinner night so Waffles and Sausage links sound where did I put that waffle iron????

Have a great day!!

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