Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pics to share!!

I've been working a homemade gift for the little girl I used to babysit. She received a play kitchen for the past christmas and so I've been making her some play food to go with it!! Next month is her birthday and I can't wait to give her these cute little goodies!! I've already started a set for a friends little girl and I am going to make my daughter a set for her birthday as well!!

So far I've made:

Bacon and Eggs


And Strawberries!!

Closeup of a strawberry top (sorry its alittle blurry)

I am super excited with these little foods, I have plans to make a bunch of different kinds but I haven't been to town and I need more materials, until them I am sort of limited to work with what I have on hand. So right now I am making another set of bacon, and I have enough felt to make some more strawberries and I have already cut out the peas in a pod I plan to make. I love having a project to work on, especially at night when we watch tv. I just hope the cutie little girls in my life enjoy their play food as much as I have been enjoying making it for them!!

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  1. Those are very cute! I know my girls would have loved something like that.

    Have a great day.