Monday, August 1, 2011

Another busy weekend, another busy week!!

Wow, I think our weekends are just as busy as our weekdays!! And this weekend was no different.

Lets start with Friday....
I needed to go to the grocery store, its been a while since I did a real grocery shop so that was first on the list!! With temps near and at 100* though it made for a long and drawn out day.
I got the kids and myself ready then we went to pick up dh's gram, switch car seats and were on our way. First stop: Walmart, since the heat was so intense after we were done with our walmart trip we took everything home, unloaded the car at dh's gram's house, then unloaded our things at our house got all the cold items put away then back to town we went this time we stopped at Arby's and dh's gram treated us to lunch!! Then we went to the bank, then to Martin's for our meat and some sale items, I like to buy my meat from Martins or Costco, then we came back and unloaded everything at dh's gram's house, and this time we took all of my purchases and put them into our truck and then we came home, unloaded the truck then put away all the cold items again, then the kids and I went back to the feed mill to get pool salt so dh could set up the salt system for the pool, its supposed to save lots of money over having to by clorine for the pool not to mention its better and easier on your skin.
After we got home with 200lbs of salt, I called it a day and refused to go anywhere else, lol, It was so hot and miserable. I worked on getting the grocery dry goods put away, and I made dinner while the boys were in the pool with their dad, the baby wasn't interested, she was tired and not having a decent nap during the day from all the running she wanted to just stay inside with me. So I popped in her Tangled movie, sat her down with some cheez-its and she was happy to hang out while I got dinner ready!! We had Hm Pizza and bread sticks!! Yummy!!

Saturday, the boys were up early with their daddy, I had little miss snuggled next to me so I stayed put in bed till she was awake and ready to get up. Then we got ready to go, dh stayed home to mow the grass, and the kids and I went to dh's grams to pick her up then we went to a farmers market to get peaches to can. I bought a bushel of peaches, a box of apple seconds and a box of cabbage seconds. Then we came home, the boys got in the pool with daddy, the baby took a nap and I worked on the laundry. Saturday night we took the kids to the county fair!! They had a blast, Kara rode the merry go round 3x!! We left the fair something like after 10 the boys stayed the night with my mom and the baby didn't go to bed till almost midnight, I was so tired!!

Sunday we got up and the baby and I got ready for church, dh had to work so he stayed home, I went over and picked up mom and the boys and we went to church, then after church we went to the cemetary to visit dad, then to my gram and paps house, where he loaded me up with all sorts of things, crackers, cookie mix, raisins, tomatoes from my great aunt. I guess one of my aunt's church gives away boxes of food to the elderly and shut ins and Pap was giving me all the things they won't use but didn't want to throw away, so I'll make use of it one way or another. I don't normally turn down free food :) Then we came home, worked in the garden and then played in the pool till time to get dinner ready!! Dinner last night was Burgers on the grill, Mac and cheese, cukes from our garden, tomatoes from my great Aunt Dorothy's garden and peaches.

Today I already have the jars washing in the dishwasher but I discovered that I don't have enough canning lids to do up the peaches today so as soon as all the kids are up and dressed I am going to take away the trash and while I am out get some more canning lids!!! Then home to work up the peaches. Once the peaches are done the apple seconds are next they are going to be turned into apple sauce!! I also have some free hot peppers from a friend that I hope to get canned into hot pepper rings. So looks like I'll be busy for a while!!

Dinner tonight is a new concoction I am going to try: Unstuffed peppers. I love the flavor of stuffed peppers but I don't care for the cooked pepper that the meat mixtured is stuffed in. I hate wasting so I am going to try to make an unstuffed pepper and see how it turns out. I'll report my findings tomorrow!!

Have a great day!!

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  1. You had a busy weekend. I also like the fillings in stuffed peppers, but not the peppers.

    With all the canning I do, I started a couple of years ago to buy four boxes of canning lids every grocery shopping day. That way, I have enough lids and I don't have to run out. I am currently working on buying lids for next year as I have enough for this year. I just mark each box with a different symbol, ie star, or circle, etc. so I know which ones to use.

    Have a great day with your kids. Our peaches are still a month away from being ready.