Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday 8/19/2011

Today is another busy day for me. Seems like its been one fury of an activity after another this summer but thats ok tis the season of our life at the moment... right??

Yesterday I canned peaches, sadly I didn't get them all done and so there are more that need done today or maybe this afternoon as today I have a few errands to run and visiting to do.

First I am going to straighten up some in the kitchen, I'm terrible yall, as soon as nap time hit I started on the peaches, and I worked right up until the baby got up from her nap I changed her and while the canner cooled down we headed out to the pool store to get some kind of testing strips that dh had requested, then I came home and unloaded, and then reloaded the canner, and got busy working on dinner. Truth be told we ate a late dinner last night, and then Kara was clingy and a bit whiny so I ended up snuggling her on the couch till she fell asleep and by that time I was D.O.N.E!! I put everything in the sink and dragged myself to bed. I didn't clean up a thing, its horrible but I was whipped. I was hoping for a peaceful restful night but it was not meant to be, Kara woke up and was HOT and gaggy, I thought sure she was going to errupt but she never did. I got her some meds for the fever and some watered down juice and we laid back down, she seemed to sleep peaceful after that but momma didn't. She is still warm this morning but not terribly and I can't pinpoint if its new teeth/sinuses ie allergies/ or a summer cold coming on. I guess we will just play it by ear today and see how she does. I only need to pick up a couple birthday gifts and I know just what I want to get so I shouldn't be long, and I need to pick up my Scentsy orders from the party I hosted!! Can't wait to get them fired up and all the wonderful scents to be dispersed in the house!! Then home for some canning and housework!! Sounds like an exciting day, no??

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  1. How is she feeling today? Phoebe has had a fever off and on all weekend too. I'm sure hers is from teeth.