Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy Wonderful Weekend!!

Oh what a weekend!!

Friday I did most all of the school shopping, it took all day to get the school shopping done and all the errands run, and it was HOT but I got everything done which was great!! We came home and got some veggies picked in the garden and then called it an evening!!

Saturday I spent the day cleaning up and trying to get ahead on a few things, then around 6 my mom came over to stay with the kids while we went to a wedding!! My best friend's little sister got married!! It was a great ceremony and the reception was SO.MUCH.FUN!!! Hot but what a great time we had!! We got home late and then dh followed Mom and the boys home to her house so he could make sure they got home safe and sound. Mom doesn't like coming home late by herself and even less so when the boys stay over so dh went over to make sure everything was ok then he came back home and we crashed, we were so tired!!

Sunday started out as a normal day, church, visiting at the cemetary and then visiting Gram and Pap, while we were at Gram and Pap's they told me to go and cut the last of the collards and kale and Mom and Pap picked green beans, they said there was only enough beans and greens out there for about a mess of each but I got a grocery store bag of each one of the greens and Pap and Mom picked 2 grocery store bags of beans which they sent most of those home with me. Mom's kitchen is out of commission so I will can them and split with her what I get!! Some of the green ends are sun scorched so they will have to be picked over well when I clean them and then hopefully there will be enough that I will can the collards and with the kale I plan on making a big pot of Sausage, Potato and Kale soup!!

All those veggies and my garden is still struggling along as well, the heat has all but dried out and killed everything but I have been watering as I can and we were lucky enough to get a good rain on Saturday so maybe there was enough to keep it crawling along.

After the veggies were all picked, mom sorted out Grams meds for the week and did the bills, and then I made the bed and "greased" grams leg. Thats what Gram calls it when I put lotion n her leg and foot. She's an amputee now for the last 35yrs and so her remaining leg gets very dry and scaley so I rubbed lotion on her leg and foot and even some on her stump, not to much though because she's having alot of trouble with her stump and is under doctor care for a wound she has on her stump. It stays pretty sore since her fall so we have to be careful with her stump.

The plan after all that was for me to take Mom home and then dh wanted to take us to this BBQ place, we asked mom to go but she wanted to stay home, relax and get ready for the coming week. But those plans did not go through because we got the biggest most wonderful suprise!!

Dh called me while we were at Grams and asked if we could put off our plans because his Nephew had shown up and wanted to spend some time with us!!! This is huge because we have only seen him 1 time in the last year and before that it was a long long time since we had seen either dh's neice or nephew. Its a very long story full of messy divorce, dh's sister running away from her kids and responcibilities and dh's ex bil and his new wife who pretty much didn't want the kids to have anything to do with us which explains why we never got to see them. But the nephew is 18 now, left home and is living with his grandparents (father's family) and decided he was going to make his own decisions and one of those was to get in touch with us and we couldn't be happier!! So instead we spent the evening catching up and having dinner and then we went to visit dh's gram so she could see her great grandson whom she hasn't seen in just as long a time as we haven't seen him so needless to say everyone was super happy!!!

The sad news is that our neice still lives with her father so the chances of us seeing her anytime soon is slim but we won't give up hope!!

God is Good ALL THE TIME!!!

Have a great day!!

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