Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Evening 7/17/2011

Taking time to check in. Its been a busy week and a busier weekend. Last week our church held Vacation Bible School. All 3 of our kids participated. I worked in the nursery with our youngest. They all had a blast!! By the end of the week I was so tired. I love VBS but it throws off my whole schedule. As does appts in the middle of the week. But the appointments we had this week actually brought us good new so that is a blessing.

Tuesday Brady had his Kindergarten Screening, its something new this year, he sailed through it and they were impressed that he is reading on a high level and knows all of his leters, colors, can count to 100, etc. I'm pretty happy with his progress as well, they told me they would do their best to make sure he is challenged and feel like there is alot to offer him in Kindergarten and even though he reads on a high level they are going to wait to see if he needs to be moved on ahead. Friday I had a neurologist appt, I got good news, and they backed off my meds by half. PTL!!

Yesterday I hosted a Scentsy Party for a friend. I think it went well. There wasn't very many people here but the ones that did come brought their kids so my kids had others to play with. I made snacks and such, I always worry about the food being good but it must have been pretty good I had a couple ask me for the recipes to some of the dishes!!!

Today we went to church, then ran a couple errands for my grandma, then to the cemetary, then to visit grandma and Pap. Then to Lowe's for some garden hoses. We dropped my mom off then came home and I have just been decompressing since. I clipped some of my coupons but haven't finished yet.

Right now I am waiting for dh to get home, he worked some side work this weekend. Its been a long weekend without him. Last night he didn't get home till almost midnight, as he is working pretty far from home.

Once he is home I guess we will just enjoy having him home, and soon it will be bed time.

I'm changing up my menu for the week, since he has been gone working all weekend, I am planning a Sunday Style Dinner for us tomorrow, the kids have really missed dinner time with Daddy and I think a big ol' family dinner will put things right back on track!!

Have a great evening,

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  1. It sounds like a busy week. We have VBS in a couple of weeks and it does throw off the whole week for us. I need to plan easy meals for that week.

    I hope that they will challenge your son. It isn't fun when they get bored in school. Have a great week with your family. I hope that you all get to spend more time with your husband.