Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Friday!! Happy July 1st!!

I am on the fence on how I feel about it being July 1st already!!

I am excited because:

* This is a 3 day weekend, 3 whole days home with my hubby, the kids are going to be over the moon happy to have daddy for 3 whole days!!

* This month I will be ordering fabric to get ahead on my christmas gifts for my kiddos

* A little more wiggle room in the budget, not much but a little

* Garden is doing well, canning time will be soon!!!

I am a feeling a little down because:

* Tomorrow would have been my parents 33rd wedding anniversary, I know tomorrow will be super hard on her. Missing him every day is super hard on me.

* My baby girl is 18mos old already, the time is flying by, seriously way to fast

Ok so those are just a few reason I am happy but a little sad that July is here already. But ya gotta bloom where your planted right?? And right now I am planted right here and I need to make the best of it for me and our family so that is that huh??

Today I am taking dh's gram to town later on, she needs groceries, and I need a few things, we may stop at the farmers market which would be great I am itching to buy whatever I can't grow. I just hope the prices at the farmers market and my pocket book agree, :)

Because its the begining of a new month I am seriously going to be watching what we spend on groceries and such. I need to be more diligent on saving. We have plans and goals and one way I personally can help with that is to get a good handle on food spending. Honestly I hope I can keep my grocery bill down while stocking up the freezers and pantry, as we need to be ready for winter. So stay tuned and see how I hopefully feed 6 of us, stock the pantry and freezer and not break the bank doing so.

Oh and I know I said the 6 of us, I am including my mom in that as she eats alot with us since its just her now and she doesn't like to cook for just 1 and with her still laid off and not working and my dad gone, not to mention that my dh has her kitchen torn apart to remodel it since it was really really bad, she isn't able to cook anything so we are trying to help her out with meals and such. She is doing ok, but homecooked meals and a gallon of sweet tea are nice and she appreciates it. Hopefully she will be called back to work soon and money will be better for her soon. The kitchen remodel is almost finished but I still think she will be eating with us for some time. And that is ok with me, and I thank God for an understanding hubby. Our grocery bill has always been tight but we are able to feed us well and my mother included with out a whole lot changing and I know its because God is helping me. Praise God for knowing all our needs!!

I also have yard work planned today, if we can get it done today then we will be able to do lots more things with dh home this weekend!!

So a very very busy, fun filled family weekend ahead!! I can't wait!!

Have a great day!!


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