Thursday, July 21, 2011

What is it they say about best laid plans.....

Yeah well anyway my dinner plans got shot all to pieces yesterday. Before I got time to start doing what I needed to do the kid's Memaw called and wanted to know if she could come over and stay with us for the day since she was in town and lives out of town about an hour away and didn't want to run home just to turn around in an hour or so and come right back. I of course said yes not thinking it wouldn't disrupt my day that much but it surely did.

Ya know how it is when you have company all things you would normally be doing get back burnered while you entertain guests right?? Well that's what happens to me.

So I didn't get the chicken on to roast till late, then by the time the thighs were done roasting and ready to boiled off it was almost time for dh to be making his way home, I cranked up the heat but it still didn't cook off the bones like I had wanted so we ended up doing a grab and growl for dh and I, the kids had the baked chicken legs and rice.

I let my pot cool then stuck it in the fridge and I will resume its cooking today, we WILL have chicken and dumplins tonight for dinner!!

Its supposed to be super hot here today, I think now that the kids are all awake I am going to run out to the garden and see if there are any beans that need picking. Maybe I'll have enough to run the canner today?? Let's hope!!

Have a great day!!

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