Monday, July 11, 2011


Oh man what a week and weekend!! I didn't think I would ever say this but I am glad its monday and we are back to our normal schedule. Well as normal as it can be with VBS this week.

We have been so busy its crazy.

It started last weekend, there was a 3day weekend because of the 4th of July holiday. It was a great weekend. Dh bought us a pool and we anticipated getting things ready for setting it up.

On Tuesday a load of stone and a load of gravel was delivered. Tuesday night dh and worked ourselves silly out there trying to spread out and level the stone. A neighbor had just rented a bobcat for the day and saw us working on the stone and told dh to come over and use the bobcat, it saved us alot of time for sure, we worked until dark that night.

Wednesday my youngest brother and my mom brought over dad's tractor and my brother finished spreading and leveling the stone then did the same to the sand. Then once dh got home they put the pool together. They worked till near dark that night as well. I fixed tacos/nacos/taco salads for 11 that night.

To be honest I don't think anything significant happened on Thursday if it did I don't remember, lol

Friday dh came home and we loaded up and went to lowes to get pavers to put under the pool supports.

Saturday we went to the feed store and got straw, worked in the garden till I I thought my clothes were going to have to be peeled off we were that sweaty and the water guy came with 3 loads of water for the pool. After he left we loaded up and went to the pool store and got some needed things to keep the pool running clean and such, went to the grocery store. Then came home and even though the water was cold, we got in anyway. We let the kids play a bit then I brought the baby in, and in her swimsuit I put her in the tub with warm water and let her play some in there as she was NOT ready to get out of the pool even though her little lips were starting to turn blue and she had the shivers. She was adament that she was playing in the pool. But the warm tub to play in was a close second, lol

Sunday we went to church, fiddled more with the pool, dh set up a, as he calls it a "Redneck Solar Pool Heater" which essentially means he took 2 lengths of water hose and laid them back and forth over our black shingled garage roof, hooked one end of the hose up to a sump pump we used to have to use when we owned our townhouse 6 yrs ago because the basement kept flooding, and then took the other hose end and ran it back into the pool. So it works like this. The sun beats down on that black roof heating it up incredibly, the sump pump then pumps the water up through all the hose on top of that hot roof then it comes back down into the pool on the other side. Believe it or not it actually works, he was able to bring the pool water temp up 1 degree an hour yesterday. He let it run while we ran errands in town. We went to Costco and the grocery store and to Brunch since it was our anniversary, and his solar pool heater ran for 4 hours and it raised the pool temp by 4 degrees. Its still cold but the kids still wanted to get in. We played for a bit then got out came in for me to fix dinner.

All in all it was a nice weekend, we got alot done but to be honest all that working in the garden, then working and playing in the pool. I feel like I've been beaten. I told the hubby last night, I love you, Happy Anniversary and can we please stop having fun now, I don't think I'll be able to walk tomorrow. LOL he laughed and said he was going to ask me the same thing. LOL I know what did it, loading then unloading 6 bales of straw, being bent over in the garden spreading straw then teaching the kids how to make a whirlpool in the pool by walking around the edge making the water swirl a bit. They enjoyed it temendously but being out of shape and power walking in water will definately make your legs hurt!!

Now I've got the housework to do that has been neglected because of all the "FUN" from the weekend and we have VBS tonight, umm yeah I think I need some ibroprofen. My back and legs are killing me!!

Have a great day!!!


  1. You have been busy. Your husband's idea for the solar heating of the pool water is very similar to our solar shower house. We can get some really hot water for showers during the summer months.

    Have a great day. I hope that VBS goes well. Ours is the first week of August.


  2. My goodness, I got tired just reading that! ;)