Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday 6/28/2012

Good Morning!!!

Today looks like another busy day!! But a mostly at home day.

Yesterday turned out to be productive but in a laid back sort of way.
I did dishes 2x
planted herbs plants: dill, sage, basil, thyme
weeded in the garden some
picked what I think will be the last of the peas- talked to dh about retilling and planting something more in the same space probably this weekend.
weeded one of the flowerbeds
spread 2 bags of mulch
cleaned up the yard
Then in the evening we had a meeting we had to go to

Today my plans are:
Take away all the trash
stop at the feed mill and pick up 3 bales of straw
work more in the yard
probably mow
Maybe some laundry

Dinner tonight is
Chicken fried rice

Hope your day is wonderful!!!

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