Friday, June 22, 2012


Ok so I promised some pictures, my work isn't the best but hey I'm learning right?? And I am having a great time!! The course is set up in 4 sections, each section has 4 classes. So I numbered the pics according to which class the goodies were made in, hope that helps and doesn't confuse anyone!!!

These are the cupcakes that I decorated from the 1.3 class, during this class we had to learn how to make the blue flowers you see and the pink flowers as well as how to properly ice and fill a cupcake. The one with balloons was a free handed one that we had to pick from a group of pictures and recreate. At the begging of my hubby, I used a copycat recipe for filling which was a Twinkie filling recipe. He loved them so I guess they were good!!!

 This cake is the first cake I decorated in the  1.2 class, we took the image from a piece of paper, learned how to transfer the image without the need of a special printer or edible image and then decorate the image that we chose. Fun and easier than I thought!!! Also its a 1 layer cake that we torted then filled, it's filled with dark chocolate pudding!! It was soooooo goooood!!! Glad I am able to send this stuff to work with the hubs!! I am already overweight and don't need any help gaining any more, lol. I'll do the practicing, his office can do the weight gaining :)

This pic is just for fun, I was getting lunch ready for the kids a bit ago and when I walked out in the livingroom this is what I found!! They created this all on their own with no help or hints or prodding!!!!!Its a breath of fresh air really, as they weren't bickering or fighting over toys etc., which they have been doing more than their fair share of I assure you!!!  And THE VERY BEST PART???? They are actually watching My Little Pony with their little sister, because that is what she wanted to watch!! So how awesome is that?? They built her a fort/tent and then watched a girly show with her because they are just awesome brothers!!  I ♥ MY KIDS!!!!

Ok so there are some pics for ya!! I have some garden pics too, I'll put them in another post later on!!!
Enjoy your day!! If it gets to be 100* today like yesterday, or if those severe thunderstorms they are calling for actually come in, you can find me in the tent with the kids, watching a movie!!! Enjoy your day!!!

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  1. Great job on your cake and cupcakes!

    Indoor tents are way fun, just ask Phoebe, she'll tell you. :)