Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good Morning!!

We're a little slow going this morning. Which is ok since its summer time. But to be honest we've been on the run pretty much since school ended. So much for taking it slow and relaxing once school was out huh?? LOL We have had lots of errands and family things we've been helping out with as well as scout functions and family reunions so where as we haven't had much down time, we are still having a good time even it we are a bit tired, lol

News, hmm News..whats new?? Well the hubs decided that he wanted me to do something. Something to occupy my time,something for me, a hobby, a hobby that will make me happy and maybe in the long run I might make a little bit of money once the youngest is in school full time. So what is this new adventure???

Cake Decorating!!

And to be honest I LOVE IT!!! So far I've only taken 2 classes but I can't wait for the next one. I can already imagine making the kids next birthday cakes and cakes for family occasions. I am really excited!!!

The kids have been enjoying their time off from school playing and sleeping in a bit.

We are having water delivered this weekend for the pool!! I am super excited and dh says he thinks he can rig up a way to get the water heated up faster than just waiting for the sun to do it. He rigged up a contraption last year that worked somewhat but wasn't as efficient as he had hoped and it was a sight. I am glad he is trying something new this year. Last year he took a pump and hooked it up to the hose, he sat the pump down in the pool and it pumped the cold water up out of the pool and then he laid the hose on top of our garage roof. The black shingles absorb the heat and once that cold water ran through the entire length of the hose that was stretched out on that hot black shingles it then fed back into the pool. It worked, not as fast as he would have liked it still took a couple days to get the water warmed up but it worked. This year he things by using copper tubing and heating the tubing as the water passes through it will heat up the water faster. He got the idea from watching a show on the history channel about steam locomotives, and by using copper tubes instead of just a hot water tank they were able to get the train to travel 30mph instead of 10 miles per hour.  I am all about getting the pool heated up so we can enjoy it so what the heck right??? Besides its a lesson for the kids on using your noggin as more than a hat rack and that your imagination is a valuable tool so I am all for it!!

Today is hopefully a day at home, the plan is do up the dishes, work on the laundry and clip my coupons and work on a grocery list and menu!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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  1. How exciting! Cake decorating. I would love to take a class on that. I want to see pictures of your creations. Enjoy your day and God bless.