Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday 6/2/2012

JUNE!!! Time is surely flying by!! Today is my Uncle Harold's  birthday!! We aren't that close but I still sent him Happy Birthday wishes through FB!!

Today's plans are sort of up in the air....

I just took the last 2 pies out of the oven. I volunteered to make 6 pies for the church's BBQ chicken dinner today. Not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for 6 but they are all baked now, just waiting for the last 2 to cool some so I can drop them by the church. I made 2 apple, 2 cherry and 2 pumpkin, the apple and the pumpkin were 100% scratch, but I cheated with the cherry and bought canned pie filling, it counts that its in a scratch crust right??? *smiles*

And that reminds me, I need to be sure to grow some pumpkins or else be sure to buy one in order to replenish my pumpkin puree that I keep in the freezer!! Anyone can pumpkin cubes to use in pies later? I've read that is the only way to can pumpkin so I wonder how it turns out when using it to make pies?? I would certainly like to have more of my fruits and veggies canned in order to be able to leave more room in the freezer for meats.

After dropping off the pies, I need to carry off the garbage, then stop by and pick up a gift for my nephew's birthday party which is later this evening.

Then hopefully home to relax and enjoy the evening!!

Dinner will most likely be somthing quick on the way home, unless we get out of the birthday party early!!!

But then again Hubby is sick at home again, and all our plans will be determined on how he feels, this time it's pretty bad, he's got an inner ear infection, an outer ear infection and a sinus infection in the sinus cavites in his head and down into this throat, the man is really sick. He's on 3 different supposedly very strong meds so hopefully he will recover quickly. The only way he can manage the pain is to lay down on the couch and keep a heating pad on his ear.


  1. I hope that your hubby feels better soon. You sure have been busy between the cooking and gardening.

    I have not canned pumpkins. I just end up freezing it as we usually have plenty of freezer space. We have 4 chest freezers and the refrigerator freezer.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.


  2. Oh Cheryl, 4 freezers sounds wonderful!!! I have 1 upright freezer and 2 regular refridgerators. One we keep in the garage so that while hubby is working out doors he is close to a cold beverage and it's nice for holidays when there are plenty of leftovers that need a home!!! So I have the freezers in those 2 refridgerators as well.

    I am not as organized as I should be and could probably get alot more use out of those smaller fridge freezers if I worked on it.

  3. I hope your Hubby feels better soon. I have only canned pumpkin once and it did not turn out well. None of them kept. I tried canning pumpkin puree though not in cubes. I love having things canned. Much more convenient, I think. Enjoy your day and God bless.