Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday 1/3/2013

Wow that feels weird to write, 2013!!!

Today is a back to normal kind of day for us, I've packed the hubs lunch and he is off to work, the boys are off to school and that leaves little miss and I home today to take care of the laundry, dishes and housework.

I am fixing to put some leftover roast in the crockpot to cook off the bones and I'll turn it into dinner for tonight.I am thinking beef and gravy over hm buttermilk biscuits mmm sounds good to me. Or maybe beef, mushrooms and gravy over rice, mmm either way it will be great. Great for the budget to use up leftovers and great for the tummies because they'll be full of yumminess!! Win-Win if you ask me!!

Looks like this week will be full of leftovers. I baked a ham on Sunday. We've been enjoying it since!! On sunday we had Ham and Fried Potatoes, Monday dh took a ham sandwich in his lunch box, then Monday night we had more Ham made into Ham, egg and cheese on Toast, YUMMY. Today dh took a ham sandwich in his lunch box,and if I get to it today I plan on cutting up what I can to make him sandwiches for the rest of the work week, and also to cube some to use in fried rice. I also have some veggie platter leftovers from Saturday's birthday celebration for our daughter, I'll use the veggie platter leftovers in stirfry, there's carrots, broccolli, snow peas and celery, that will make a great stir fry!!  That ham was decent size so I'm hoping in addition to the  fried rice I have planned I'll be able to freeze some for later use either in more yummy fried rice or with eggs in an omlet or in Scallopped potatoes with ham, hmmm I LOVE leftovers!!

Well I better get busy, lots to do and just me and Boo here to get it done!! I'm thankful that we took the tree down yesterday while everyone was here to help, thats one less thing that needs done :)


  1. Hope all is going well. It is an adjustment to have the kids back in school. I bet your little one misses her brothers. What birthday was that for your little one? They sure do grow up quickly.

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. Cheryl she just turned 3 can you believe it?? I can't!!