Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday 1/10/2013

Good morning!!

My plans for today have been changed  *again* so I am just going to stay home  and catch up with things around here!!

I was supposed to help a friend today with her kids, but thats been changed.  Her husband is having surgery today, My friend is really sick and so are most of her kids so instead I'll make dinner for them and take it over later once they are all home.

I've cut alot of meat off of a ham I've baked recently and froze the dices to use later on, I've got the ham bone cooking in a huge pot and a 2 pounds of beans soaking. I'll cook the meat off the bones and then make some good bean soup!! I'll make some corn bread to go with it as well, then once they are all home I'll take it over for them to enjoy and give her the night off. This pot of soup will make plenty for us and plenty to share!! And its all from leftovers  except for the beans I LOVE IT!!!

While that ham bone boils away I've got tons to do here, laundry, dishes and regular housework. I  also need to read over my books and make sure I am ready for my class on saturday. and I have kids to love on!!  Busy Busy and I love it!!

Enjoy your day!!

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