Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday 1/28/2012

Good Icy morning to ya!!

We've started our day with an early morning phone call announcing school is out for the day (AGAIN) due to bad weather conditions. Right now it is currently sleet and freezing raining down on us. It's supposed to taper off later this morning and hopefully warm up some. Only time will tell!!

I really need to go grocery shopping, but with this weather and 3 kids home I don't know that I see it happening today.

I've got some leftover roast in the fridge I think I'll put in the crockpot to warm slowly for dinner tonight. Hopefully I have enough potatoes and sides to make into a great dinner for tonight. Since the meat is essentially already done I think I'll make some hm bread to go with it. Baking will warm the house up and this crew never turns down hm bread, so I'm sure it will be a hit!!!

Other plans will have me doing laundry and picking up this house, I told my husband he really should fire his maid, lol she certainly slacked off this past week.

Hope you have a great day, stay warm and be Safe!!!

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