Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31st, 2013

Well that's it, just like that an entire month of the new year is over as of today. The older we get the faster time seems to fly by, how I wish I knew how to slow things down.

Kara is sick again, to be honest I think its more that she kept a little of it all along and its just decided to cause trouble now. So she and I slept out in the livingroom last night, under the cloud of humidifier vapors, her on one couch me on the other, hoping the menthol vapors would aid her breathing and help her get some rest. A 3yr old who is up several times a night and doesn't get good nap due to stuffy head and coughing is a bad bad thing. She's be grouchier and grouchier as the days went by so it was time to take some serious action. She slept a bit better last night than she had in a few nights, she only got up once but once is a whole lot better than 3x + a night.

And no wonder why everyone is sick, 60*-70* weather monday and tuesday, then torrential rains and howling winds met with dramatically lower temps last night and this morning. This winter has been a merry-go-round of temperatures and conditions. Warm one day,snow and ice the next.

My day today will be mostly at home, I have laundry to catch up, meals to prep and the house to pick up. I hope to be able to go shopping this afternoon, I need some meats to get us through the month. I hope to find some great deals and not spend a fortune. We are seriously trying to eat all our meals at home and save some money, we have gotten very lax on eating out and we need to cut that out, we have several Dr Bills I would like to be able to pay off this year  and the sooner the better.

Not sure about dinner tonight, I need to check with the hubs and see what he would like to have for dinner tonight.

Enjoy your day!!!

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