Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday 2/1/2013

2 hour delay!!

Just goes to show that this mom should pay more attention to the weather forcast,lol
Kara and I ended up sleeping in the livingroom again last night. She has a horrible cough caused by drainage and she's all stuffy so another night under the vaporizer for us. She slept well, me not so much, lol and I was woken up by the sound of the phone ringing, which was weird I thought for it to ring that early in the morning, turns out it was the rapid response system from the school announcing a 2 hr delay. I listened to what it said then hung up the phone and was still puzzled, could've been I was still half asleep, but I couldn't wrap my head around a 2 hr delay so I let the dog out and sure enough...............SNOW!! Hmm I really probably should make and effort to watch the weather, lol  I honestly had no idea we were in for snow. We got a decent skiff of snow, thus the 2 hour delay.

A OK with me, less rushed morning, hanging out with my kiddos, yep I can handle it!!

So my plans for today are still the same, just starting later!!

I need to tidy up around here, get dinner planned for my kids, then be ready to go to ladies night when my mom gets here this evening after work!! She's going to hang with the kiddos until their daddy gets home from work then he'll take over till Mama gets home!!

I'm looking forward to ladies night!! Hanging out at my best friends house, girl talk, good food, a glass of wine and what the heck a Tupperware party thrown in for good measure!!  A mama needs a chance to recharge her mental batteries once in a while!!  Then home to my little people and the hubs!! Sounds like a perfect evening to me!!

So that's my day!! Work tomorrow for a few hours!! Then home to hang out with favorite people!! Love the weekend!!!

Hope you enjoy yours!!!

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  1. Dana,

    I hope that Kara feels better soon. It is so hard when little ones are sick.

    I so agree with you on a ladies night. I hope that you had a wonderful time.

    Have a great weekend with your family.