Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is Spring here yet??

Ok normally I wouldn't complain but I am ready for winter to be over and for spring to be here already.

I am sick......AGAIN.... and I am TIRED.OF.BEING.SICK!!!

Seems like no sooner that we get one child over it then one of us has it. This crud has entered my home and tooks it sweet time getting to know each of us personally. Its like a merry go round minuse the merry. I am ready for it to be done now Thank you very much.

Today will be another day attempting to keep my sinuses open enough so that I may continue breathing, all the while trying NOT to cough as my esophogus is begging for mercy.

Fun times...Yeah NOT.

In all seriousness I do hope that I starting to get over this, I need to be getting better!! I am FAR to busy with a VERY long to do list to continue with being sick. I need to work this weekend, my kids have their pinewood derby this weekend and I have a speaking part a church this sunday, yeah I gotta get better!!

Ok so there, I'm done with my pity party.... Let the healing begin!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I hope that you will get well soon. It isn't fun when this sickness takes it time to go through a household.

    Our AWANA is doing their derby on the 16th. Harold is doing one this year.