Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday 2/25/2013

Good morning!!!

Today is a busy busy day!! I have alot to do, make that lots and lots to do today!!

The plague stomach bug swept through here last week,  so as you can imagine not a whole heaping lot got done around here, my main objective for a few days was to hold the couch down, lol.  Once I was sure we were all going to live, I started washing all the yucky laundry, the towels and blankets that didn't escape the path of Hurricane Vommitto, which put all my regular laundry on the back burner. 

I did get some laundry done over the weekend, I had to make sure no one was going to be naked right?? But I worked friday night  helping out a friend at an auction and didn't get home till 1am and then turned around and was back to the other job  teaching cake decorating early the next morning so by the time I made it home saturday afternoon I was SPENT!! When my youngest went down for her nap and asked me if I would lay down with her I was MUCH TOO PLEASED TO SAY YES DEAR MOMMA WOULD LOVE TO LAY DOWN WITH YOU and so I did, which again put things on the back burner. I rushed through getting dinner made then went to bed and slept till 9 am which made me miss church but to be honest I needed sleep.

We would have ended up staying home anyways, dh I think has a kidney stone and so we are taking him to the dr today as he has been completely miserable all weekend long. Poor fella!!!

So my plans for today so far have been get the laundry going, I've got a load in the washer and a load in the dryer and its fixing to stop so I can get another load started I'm making progress :), I've gotten the boys dressed and off to the bus and school, and now I need to finish getting little miss and myself ready to take dh to the dr's for lab work and appts to see if we can find him some relief. I've had a kidney stone and I know the pain it is so I feel so bad for him.

The rest of our day? Who knows, I hope to get some more laundry done thats a biggie!! But we'll see how the day goes!!!

enjoy your day!!!

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