Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday 1/21/2013

Good morning!!

Today is a no school-kids home all day- we're staying home all day- kind of day! Except for scouts later, we're not leaving the house!! Plus its like 20* out there! C.O.L.D !!

This is a new week and looking back over last week, we did well to not eat out, even on the weekends, even after church there was no family eating out!!! Which is a good thing because we've ran the bank acct way to low and payday is still a ways away. I'm dissapointed that we did this but less stressed because I did a big grocery shop at the end of last month and we've got enough to last us till pay day, except for a loaf of bread or a bag of chips for lunch boxes, we're doing ok, the bills all got paid so thats the big thing and really we need to stay out of the stores and out of the restaurants!!

So being home, with no money gave me time to concentrate on HOME and the things needed to make it run and how can I do it better, cheaper??

Here are somethings we've done this week to curb our spending or to be frugal:
We repaired a pair of dh's work pants, saving us as least 15.00 or more over having to buy new pants. I can usually get his work pants for 15.00+ on sale through a mail order company. Buying them name brand in town they are something like 40.00+ a pr. Being able to repair the clasp saved us tons!!

We ate all our meals at home. The boys had money in their lunch accounts and eat a few meals at school each week but mostly I pack both of their lunches as well as dh's lunch everyday!! Kara and I ate leftovers or whatever we had on hand for our lunches. But ya know now that I think about it she and I did eat out while we were at a play date, but that money didn't come out of our bank account it was money I had scraped together for just that occasion. So I guess I can't say we ate ALL of our meals at home, because she and I did eat lunch at a playdate.

We normally have hm pizza on friday night- which saves us from ordering out but I didnt' have enough cheese to make our normal pizza night so I used what I did have to make a pizza-esque lasagne. It was really good. Just like a supreme pizza only with lasagne noodles instead of crust, I also didn't have any ricotta so we just used a little mozzarella, it was different but it got eaten so I guess it wasn't to hateful, lol

Just being home,saved us on not using gas. Thats huge. And speaking of gas, I did need to fill up in order to be able to go to work, but I used my bonus points that I had been saving for a good long time and was able to fill up for 1.95 a gallon, I saved 1.40 a gallon with my gas points, AMAZING savings!!

I clipped most of my coupons yesterday and still have some to clip and hopefully I can match the coupons I have with whats on sale so that come payday we can restock the cupboard as cheaply as possible.

oh and a kitchen tip which is also a way to save money is: I will no longer buy those glass liquid measuring cups. They look great for a while then eventually the measurements start to fade off the side and they are essentually useless!! Instead I've been using my canning jars!! I have a quart size and a pint size canning jar with raised measurements on the side. I've tested using both in several recipes and they work great!!

Ok thats enough of my rambling for now!!
Enjoy your day!!

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