Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve 12/31/2012

Just a few more hours left in this year. And to chime right in with everyone else who sounds so cliche'  "This year has just flown by"!!

I am praying for a prosperous and blessed 2013.

The kids have one more day off tomorrow from school then its back to the normal routine around here for eveyrone. I have to admit having the hubby home and the kids home its been so nice. We did do a bit of running around for christmas this year a little bit more than I would have liked but we survived. That's the important thing right? lol I learned a lot and I know I can do better for Christmas 2013!! And that is the plan too!!

I was able to make more hm gifts this year than I did last year and I hope I am able to make more for 2013 than I made for 2012

I do believe the key is planning and baby steps. With our budget there is no way we can afford to shop all at once, nor do I want too, that is just too much stress. But being able to do a little bit at a time or make a gift here and there as the year goes along seems to be what works the best for us!! And maybe if I could learn a way to to keep up the momentum all year long would be great as well.

Another thing I would like to do is to have my groceries bought a month ahead at least for December. I gotta tell you hauling groceries in the snow and ice is no joke. Its not fun at all. Maybe if I make it a goal to be at least a month ahead I can save myself from freezing while trying to keep us fed. Not to mention I wont have to fight the crowds at the stores, geez that is an adventure all in its own, lol

So at least I have goals and plans in mind. Here's hoping that I can stay motivated and actually get it done, I am great at planning but the follow through, ugh I don't do well in that much, o.O

Well here's to a prosperous and Blessed 2013!! Cheers!!!

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