Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Good Morning!!

Thanks for all the well wishes, the headache did finally leave me, thank goodness. I think it probably was a nice mix of both allergies and bariatric pressure.  I've started taking some allergy meds as well as its been raining so its probably both giving me trouble.

Last minute we decided to go camping. We went to the river and stayed friday night and saturday night and got home sometime around 2pm yesterday. It was nice getting away, a little hectic and alot not well planned but it worked!!! I see alot more camping in our future!!!

We've got no real plans for today other than work around the house, I have alot to do to get ready for my little boy's 7th birthday party this coming saturday. So that will be the focus of my week this week!!!  I have some great ideas for his birthday cake!!! We've spent alot of time on the web looking for ideas!! I think I've got just what he wants in mind and if I can pull it off it will be awesome!!!

I would love to be able to get everything done and have time to do a little sewing this week. I need curtains in our bathroom, Kara's room and in the boy's room as well. Ugh lots and lots to do!!!

We won't be cooking out like normal Labor Days but we will enjoy being home together, a good dinner and getting ready for back to work and school in the morning!!

Enjoy your day!!!

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