Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday 9/10/2012

Good morning!!

How was your weekend?? Ours was very good. It started out a little hectic and worrysome but it really ended nice!!

Saturday we had planned to have Brady our middle child a birthday party, we'll knew there was rain in the forcast and we prayed that it would hold off till after his party but that didn't happen. Infact the wind blew so fierce and the rain came down so hard that a tree came down on the power lines that run across our front and side yard. The tree blocked the road in front of our house and on the side yard there was a wire hanging out of one of our trees. I called the power company but they wouldn't answer the phone, so then I called 911 to alert them.

We had to cancel the party for the moment, and we were just about to load up and leave to take Brady out to lunch or to do something fun when a crew of power trucks pulled up, taped off our yard with caution tape and went to work. They had that tree cut down off the lines in no time, and reran the wires and got us power back on. I called everyone back to say that we had power and instead of having his party at 2 like we planned we had it at 5, not everyone was able to come because of the storms but he had a great time anyway. Small and intimate but a great day for him.

His birthday was actually on Sunday, my little boy is 7 now!!!

Sunday we got up, went to church, went to youth group and then my best friend Amber and her boyfriend Will and Amber's kids came over and brought burgers to grill for dinner, I had chips, pretzels and such leftover from the party as well as leftover cake and I made some baked beans to go with it all. We ate, they brought Brady a gift and the kids played while the adults sat and chatted and it was a great time. As soon as they left I sent the boys for showers and after the kid were in bed hubs and I watched a tv show, Hell on Wheels, its a show about building the train line back in the day and its got alot of language, adult situations and of course back then Slavery was still an issue as well as the HORRIBLE over use of derogatory name calling so I don't want the kids to watch it. Once it was over we went to bed as well.

Today so far I've baked a huge pan of brownies for Brady's classmates, Packed Dh's, Colby's and Brady's lunches, dh went to work, I took the boys to school so they wouldn't have to take a pan of brownies on the bus, and I've got a load of sheets in the dryer, a load of clothes in the washer and a load of clothes I've already put on the line. I still have a TON more laundry to do, I need to pay bills,  plus dishes and everything else. lol Maybe I'll get to my coupons today maybe not.

I am going to put a roast in the crockpot because tonight is scouts and its an easy way to get dinner made.

Lots to do today, but its great day!! Enjoy your day!!!

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  1. Happy birthday to your son. I'm glad no one was hurt when the tree fell and that you got your power back on quickly. Enjoy your day and God bless.