Friday, September 28, 2012


"(_\_)" "(_I_)" " (_/_)" "(_I_)""(_\_)" "(_I_)" " (_/_)" "(_I_)""(_\_)" "(_I_)" " (_/_)" "(_I_)""(_\_)"

Happy Dance Time!!!


So it got late in the day when I was making Salasa on Wednesday so I decided to let it cool off and deal with it later, I was busy yesterday at a Project Linus meeting, yeah I know I've joined another group, I can't help it, lol its for a good cause and the ladies that are part of this group are great so its a chance for me to do something good and have some adult time while Kara has a playdate with the daughter of one of the ladies' in the group. So anyway this morning after packing lunches and getting hubby off to work and the boys off to school I put the salsa on the stove to get hot and started washing up jars!! My 2 batches of salsa yielded 16 pints!!!! I have 7 in the canner right now and another 9 jarred up and ready to go into the canner and I am pretty sure I have enough ingredients for another batch and I really hope I do, I would love to have some pints jarred up to go into the christmas baskets I plan on making my brothers and their families as well as some I want to make up for friends!!!

Then on to the apples, the best part about the apples is that with the new contraption that the hubs bought me for my KA I can just cut out the bad spots, cut up the apples and cook them down peels and all then let the new gadget seperate it all for me after its all cooked!! ♥

I also have the dishwasher going and need to get the washer going as well and I will just as soon as the weights start rocking and I set the timer!!

Busy Busy Busy but loving it!! Have a great day!!!


  1. Congratulations on all your salsa! We are finished with tomatoes and apples. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. You make me tired. You're so busy. Glad you came to the meeting. Phoebe cried the rest of the afternoon for Kawa Mae!