Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday 9/12/2012

Good afternoon!!

Today is a stay at home day and after yesterday I truely need it!!

My tuesday started off normal:
Hub's lunch packed, hubby off to work
Boy's lunch packed, my boys off to school
My stuff loaded up, diaper bag packed, Kara to the sitter, me off to class
Ya know normal day :)
After class I stopped by my cousin's house to deliver the baby shower gift we'd gotten her and also the carseat base, cause ya know I'm passing on my stuff to the next one in line :) Left there and headed home. Turned onto the road to the sitters, and my phone rang, it was the school, immediate worry washes over me as I answer  and hear the nurse tell me she had my middle son Brady in the clinic, he had fallen during recess and hit his chin when he fell off of the playground equiptment. o.O panic!!! She said he was being a real trooper, she had cleaned him up and steri-stripped his chin shut but she really thought he needed to be seen asap that she thought he needed stitches. YIKES!! I was calm told her I was picking up my boo and I'd be there in a jiffy.
I called dh to see if the flex card for co-pays was at home or did he have it, of course he has it and he's 1.5 hours away from home at work. He said he was leaving and would meet me at the dr office. I was kind of suprised really, I guess I was in shock still from learning my son was hurt and I guess I didn't expect him to take off work because I always have taken the kids to the dr so I was really stumped, the convo went something like this:

Me: Do you have the flex spend card or is it at home?
Him: I've got it in my wallet...why??
Me: School called, Brady fell, busted his chin and probably needs stitches.
Him: ...(silence, crickets, nada)
Me: So I am picking up Kara, and will go get him at school and I'll call you so you can give the nurse the info from the flex spend card, ok?
Him: I'm leaving now, I'll meet you there.
Him: YES I'm Coming Home.
Me:  confused..I always take the kids to the dr...
Him: interupting me -Yes I know but this isn't just a check up Dana your taking my son to the hospital and I AM LEAVING NOW AND WILL MEET YOU THERE.
Me: ok, yeah, good,ok, see you soon.

Oh Boy then it really hit me- this is serious. OMG, cue the total freak out!!!
So I called my bestie, and did the fast-talking-wordsallcrammedtogether-get it out of my mouth as fast as I can spilling of the info.
She calmed me down, told me what to expect and swore me promise to call as soon as I got him home.

I picked him up and he was AOK jabbering away to the nurse and she told me she used steri-strips and it was good to go just keep ice on it and sends us on our way to the dr with a icepack.

We get to the Urgent Care Center, dh wasn't far behind, and then we proceed to spend the next 5 hrs in the Urgent care with a 2 yr old who missed her nap, and a 7 yr old who was completely miserable. We finally get called back, the dr says if its not to bad they can just glue him up, yada yada,  they removed the steri-strips and they looked him over, OH BOY he just didn't have a small cut he had  a gaping hole, totally needed stitches. 5 stitches to be exact. The numbing was the hardest part, I was standing holding his hand and had full view, poor baby, he cried, I cried we were a mess, as soon as she took the numbing needle out she gave us gauze to clean up a bit more, he was bleeding and had the numbing stuff running everywhere. I picked him up off the table and just held him and rocked him. She gave us a minute to get him calmed down and when she came back in, he laid back down, Daddy held one hand I held the other and he laid there like a trooper and took those stitches like nothing. Thank goodness the numbing stuff was working, but what a big boy he was, talking and joking with the dr. A couple times she told him to stop talking or she might sew his chin sideways : )  he would giggle and be really still and quiet.  Being so brave and such big boy through the whole thing earned him 4 Angry Bird Stickers and stamper that says smile!! from the dr.  I think Daddy and Momma will be treating him to icecream at Sweet Frogs too, very soon!!!We finally got out of there and made it home at a little after 6pm. What a day. Thank GOD it wasn't worse than it was, but it was still tramatic..I'm sure it was rough on Brady too, lol

He did great all evening, he did need meds for pain when we got home and then again when he went to bed.

This morning we removed the bandage from the Urgent Care and washed him up like instructed and rebandaged him up and he went to school just like nothing happened :) Man they bounce back quick!!!

I'm spending today doing all the things that needed done yesterday, namely laundry and dishes, there's regular housework to do as well. So far so good no calls from school today, Thank goodness!! They'll be home in a couple hours and hopefully life goes back to normal except for bandage changes. He gets the stitches out in a week, some girlfriends have told me that I can take him to his pediatrician for that instead of going back to the Urgent Care, I'm going to call and find out since I can make an appointment at the pediatrician and at Urgent Care you sign in and wait, if I can avoid another 5 hour wait then I am definately going to his pediatrician besides, it will be good for them to document it in his chart.

And life moves on, back to my chores I go!!
Dinner tonight is Cube Steak, creamed potatoes and green beans!!!

Hope your Tuesday wasn't as exciting as mine :)
Enjoy your day!!!


  1. Oh, poor Brady. I hope that he is doing better today. I do not do well dealing with those things. I am so thankful we haven't had many.

    Have a wonderful afternoon with your family. Your supper sounds really good.


  2. Thanks Cheryl, he's such a trooper!! Now his only complaint is that it itches :)

  3. Poor guy. Glad everyone is ok. It's really scary when they are hurt like that.