Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Good Morning!!

It's dreary and overcast here today, with a chance of thunderstorms off and on all day. A great day to stay in and do some laundry!! Which of course with 3 kids and a hubby in the business world I definately am in no short supply of clothes needing washed :)

My other plans are to tidy up and find something scrumptious for dinner!!

I might spend some time in my daughters room, I need to take down the crib and changing table and start transitioning her into a big girl bed, and make her room look more like a big girl room instead of a baby's room!! I haven't used the changing table in probably at least a year, mostly its a storage for this or that but it all needs to be taken down. I guess part of me has held onto it and left it up because she is the last little one we're ever gonna have and I am just trying to keep her little for as long as I can. I know it sounds silly, but its true. In all honesty she keeps me as busy as if she were 3 children all in one, lol  So maybe some bedroom updating will be in order this week, hmm who knows!!

I also finished the first 15 crocheted snowflakes last night!! I worked on the last 2 while I sat through the cub scout pack meeting. The pack meeting is mostly about achievements being recognized and upcoming events, the boys also put on skits and sing songs, so while that was going on, I finished the last 2 of the first 15. I am thinking that a gift of 6 different crocheted snowflakes and 2 different crocheted wreaths would make a nice gift. So that is whay I am aiming for, but I need to stay focused because that means I need a total of 90 crocheted snowflakes and 30 crocheted wreaths. I may not need 15sets but I settled on 15 because I thought that would leave me with a few sets leftover incase I forgot someone or I could always use them myself :)

Have a great day!!


  1. They sure do grow up fast. It is hard at times, but I love where my kids are at now.

    Have a wonderful afternoon with your family.


  2. Good luck on the crocheting. I'm sure they are beautiful. God bless.